Heiki Tees photography 2019

C-LITTER Puppies have born 3.11.2019 3 girls and 5 boys, all are reserved as it seems now!

The puppies are going to be healthy by parentage of all the Pompe, prcd-PRA and DM.

 I am not taking reservations of this combination, the owner will do the selling and decidings. 

The combination is approved by Lappalaiskoirat.


Requests : jiellis.hasse@gmail.com (Camilla and John Stenberg)



At the moment I am not taking more request of this litter.


Inna is bred to Henshaw Trollsteineggje and we are EXPECTING for puppies around 29. november, the pregnancy has been confirmed.

Inna is a people social friendly dog. With a strong mind. She has been tempertested with points 140 and shotproof. You can read more about her on my co-owned dogs page.

Yoda is friendly and loves people. He is a young boy and humble. I think they will by temper complete eachothers faults , as well in structure. Yoda has very good backlegs angels that Inna could have better. They are both less haired but the quality of coat are very good and harsh, that is very good in snowy weather (the snow doesn't stick). Also the dirt comes off very well.

The puppies are going to be healthy of Pompe and DM, prcd-PRA healthy or carriers (because Inna is a carrier)

The combination is approved by the breeders committee. (lappalaiskoirat)















All puppies are dewormed, vetenarychecked, microshipped, registered and growing inside in the middle of our small children family, they get used to all kind of voices and enviroments before they go to new homes at about 7-8 weeks old.

All puppies get a puppypackage, care-advise, info about the parents and of course the breeders support for the dogs whole life, ups and downs. So if You don't wan't me to be in Your life then back now. I wanna hear from You, wanna be proud, wanna help, hope You will be willing to healthcheck the dog at 1-3 year old [hips, elbows, knees and eyes], givin us breeders important info and for You as a owner too about the dogs health, if You can live and exercise with the dog normally.

I also hope that as many healthy one as possible will continue the breed by breeding sometimes (but not as matadors, a good number for males are 1-5 litters and females 1-3 litters).

I would be happy too if we met in the showring sometimes, getting a judge opinion about the dogs structure and bone. But these are only hopes the most important is that the dogs get a loving family.

I will also connect You as member of the first year in Lappalaiskoirat if You want so


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