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PUPPIES ARE BORN, 2 females, 3 males.

Maybe one puppy still searching for home.

Neela will be bred in the next heat in the autumn 2024 with the gorgeous german male Bellamy, Neelas first litter is xrayed with great results and has great tempers. All four colours possible


Meya will be bred in the next heat in the autumn 2024 with Shelby. All four colours possible and all with tails.

Yhteistyöhaluisia aktiivisia sijoituskoteja etsitään jatkuvasti, koska kotiin ei voi jättää kaikki koirat! Jos asut Porvoossa tai Porvoon lähikunnissa ja voisit harkita sijoituspentua, kerro se pentukyselyssä. 

  • I don't maintain a strict waiting list, but if you're interested in a puppy from us, I encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with our breeding practices and complete the puppy questionnaire form thoroughly and thoughtfully.

  • Please stay engaged and keep your form updated. If you've already acquired a puppy elsewhere, kindly inform me promptly.

  • All our puppies undergo several deworming sessions, veterinary checks, microchipping, and registration with kennel clubs and relevant authorities. They grow up in the heart of our family, exposed to various sounds and environments, and are ready to transition to their new homes at earliest around 7-8 weeks of age.

  • Every puppy receives a comprehensive puppy package, care advice, information about the parents, and ongoing support from us throughout their lives. If you're not open to having me involved in your journey with your dog, please let me know now.

  • I expect you to prioritize your dog's health and well-being by agreeing to health checks between 1-3 years old, including hips, elbows, spine (LTV, VA), knees, and eyes. This information is vital for both breeders and owners to ensure the dog's ability to live and exercise normally. This requirement will be included in the sales contract, so if you're not willing to comply, please step back now.

  • While it would be enjoyable to meet at dog shows and receive judges' opinions on the dog's structure and bone, what matters most is that the dog finds a loving and active family. Dog sports are a bonus, and participation in competitions is entirely optional.

  • Please note that inquiries over a year old will be automatically removed if there's no active response.

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