Heiki tees Photography

LUNA FI17689/15

Hips: B/B 

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: OK

Pompe clear, prcd-PRA clear, DM clear. 

Size: 52cm


 LUNA the alpha in our pack. She's brown game coloured.

Her temper is very happy, a little bit independent, outgoing, energetic, loves her family, vise, Big bitch, about 19kg. Luna loves to be outside and running around free in forests and in the garden.
Luna is vise and determined, her own person. She is quite soft and really respects You and people despite her independency. She loves food now as an adult, as younger she didn't. Luna has a fatbellybutton and one tooth is missing otherwise she has been healthy, despite one kennelcough autumn 2018 and as puppy a urininfection. Luna got spayed autumn 2020 and now is retired from our breeding after 3 big litters.




Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: Clear 10.8.2021

Size: 38cm

CMR1 carrier, else CLEAR Tested by Mydogdna.


Dolly is calmer than average Miniature American Shepherds are. She loves cuddling and hugs and kisses. She doesn't care so much about visitors, if You compare to Luna. She can be a little bit of a bitch to other same age dogs, but is in average social and friendly. She loves food, our little pig.

She is humble, social, friendly and soft. When puppy she didn't like cardrives due to illness. But now she is always ready to jump in the car and explore where we are heading to. Dolly smiles with all her teeth visible, that was a little bit odd at first but now I know she does the aussie smile.

Back angles are not so good but that is a small fault , because health and structure is good. She has drive when needed, but has an off button too.

Dolly got spayed during her second litter and is now retired from breeding, due to C-sections, hoping that her offsprings will continue her lines in future.



Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: Clear 10.8.2021

Size: 39cm

Full panel clear by Mydogdna.


Toby are from Texas, USA. He is a young miniature american shepherd male born 8.6.2019. He is a handsome promising little man, little on the submissive side but very kind and curious. He wouldn´t hurt a flie even. He is humble, friendly, social, at first a little sceptic of new people (excpesially new men), but when he notice they are not a treat he wants to be cuddled with both hands! Toby loves to run free in the yard and in woods and fields, he doesn't run off. His ears are on right place, he acts instantly and is willing direct to please us if we call or want him to do something. He is a bundle of joy, he LOVES my man and has created a very strong bond to him, he is definitely his dog. He talks with all sorts of noises at the evening when he wants attention from his best owner , my man. He is sure a special type of dog.

He is available for breeding in the future abroad (inside Finland we only use him ourself). And will be picky about whom and the pedigree about female.  



Hips: -

Elbows: -

Knees: -

Eyes: -

Size: 35-36cm

DNA tested CLEAR via Embark Vet.

Taco is from Hungary, our newest addition to our MAS family. He is a very small, brave, active boy. He loves playing around with his toys and loves his own nest. He is social and outgoing, keeps up with the older dogs, despite he is extra small.