Heiki tees Photography

LUNA FI17689/15

Hips: B/B 

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: OK

Pompe clear, prcd-PRA clear, DM clear


 LUNA the alpha in our pack. She's brown game coloured.

Her temper is very happy, a little bit independent, outgoing, energetic, loves her family, vise, Big bitch, about 19kg. Luna loves to be outside and running around free in forests and in the garden.
Luna is vise and determined, her own person. She is quite soft and really respects You and people despite her independency. She does rewards with  compliments rather than trick or treats which have been challenging sometimes. Luna has a fatbellybutton and one tooth is missing otherwise she has been healthy, despite one kennelcough autumn 2018 and as puppy a urininfection.



Hips: -

Elbows: -

Knees: -

Eyes: -


MDR1 clear, CEA clear, CMR1 carrier, DM clear, prcd-PRA clear, CD clear, HUU clear, PHC clear and many other disease clear. Tested by Mydogdna.

Dolly is our newest addition to our family. She is humble, calm and cuddly. Loves chilling in the sofa and getting petted. She really loves food too. 

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