Hips: -

Elbows: -

Knees: -

Eyes: OK 30.8.2020

Size: 43-44cm

DNA- tested via Wisdom Panel (Mydogdna) CEA and prcd-PRA carrier. Else clear.

Sansa is a Miniature American Shepherd female. She is gonna live with Nitta Muurinen and family in Porvoo, nearby. We are so happy getting her into our family, from Germany. So eager what she is gonna grow up to. She is brave, playful, energetic, curious little puppy.



Ihku Glada Pinglan   -MAS

Hips: -

Elbows: -

Knees: -

Eyes: -

Size: 35-36cm

DNA : CMR1 carrier, all else Clear by Mydogdna/Wisdom Panel.

Neela is living with Irma Nylander in Kerava. She has turned out to a friendly, social, submissive dog. She LOVES food and is very eager to learn and please. She smiles with every single tooth visible when greeting and gives kisses like crazy. I am more than happy what she has developed to, and sure she is nice looking too and good in size, mediumboned.



Ihku Cordial Collette FI53174/19   - Finnish Lapphund

Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: Clear 11/2020

Back: LTV4 , VA0

Pompe: clear by parentage , Prcd-PRA: clear by parentage, DM: clear by parentage

Mette lives in Myrskylä with Jenna Yrjas on a farm. She is an active,social dog. She can use her voice on the yard, guarding. She has a strong herding instinct. Not one of the easiest dogs because of her traits. She is humble and social to other dogs, animals and people, everyone is her friend. She loves to play.