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Welcome to Kennel Ihku. I am Marie, the brain behind our little hobby kennel. We live in southern Finland, Porvoo, in a house with a big yard, surrounded by fields and woods and  few neighbours. We are a family of 2 adults, 3 young children, 3 dogs, 1 cat,  1 Muscovy duck and 1 bunny. We all love animals and especially dogs. The children are happy to help us out, they go for walks with us too. We like outdoor life. We are not active in dog sports , but I love going to dogshows with the dogs. We have them as active familymembers. My eldest daughter has started Junior handling.

I have had horses in hobby as younger, but then I went to a dogsitter-course and worked a little beside my studies, as a teenager, with dogs. I got swepped away with them, and bought my first dog (Norwegian Lundehund Hugo) when we moved to an apartment with my now married man Elvis. Sorry to say that Hugo only lived to 5 years age due to an autoimmune illness, also our female died as 3 years of age because illness. Then my breeding plans for them crashed.


I determined that next breed would be as healthy as possible. I found Finnish Lapphund (we had Border Collie and Stabyhoun as alternatives too), we fell in love and bought Luna. Luna has got her first litter 2018.

BUT, I had a calling for a little smaller breed too. I found by accident a Miniature American Shepherd breed, but it was not yet recognized by FCI. I followed it a little with one eye. And finally when it got recognized 2018!! I decided to meet up that breed! I was in LOVE. A perfect sized breed , active, wise, loving, and keen to the owner. I put myself in queue of getting a MAS from a breeder I found in Germany. I waited 2 litters for finding the right one. And finally Dolly came home winter 2019. It took not long before I started to search for a possible male for her too. I found one in Texas with a loving breederfriends help. Toby came home Winter 2020. Then I imported an female from Germany summer 2020 and Taco from Hungary. After that I have imported Cover from Estland and Vamos from Spain. Newest imports are Juni and Montana from USA.

I am so eager and honoured being a part of developing the future of this breed in Finland.

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