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I am Marie Lönnroos, the dog-"mom" at Hemkulla. 

I got the kennelname Ihku in Januari 2017, a finnish term for  "lovely", "sweet" or "wonderful". That's how we want the dogs we breed to be, IHKU.

Our first litter was born on April 1. 2018.

I hope you feel welcome while reading our pages.

Please note that the mobile view may display pictures and text differently.

I am a member of the Finnish Kennel Club, SUKOKA, Pieniamerikanpaimenkoirat ry


Our goal is to breed kindly, social family members that suit every environment well, with a good temperament in line with the breed's standards and its historical role as a herding dog. We strive to breed diverse, healthy dogs with recognizable breed characteristics and good temperaments.

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