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I am Marie Lönnroos, the dog-mom of Hemkulla. 

I got the kennelname Ihku Januari 2017, a calling in finnish for the word "lovely", "sweet" or "wonderful". That's how we want the dogs we breed to be like, IHKU.

Our first litter were born 1.4.2018.

Our goal is to breed kindly, social familymembers that suites every environments

good with mind at the breeds standards and what it was bred for in the past, as a herding dog.

We strive to breed diverse, healthy, good temperaments, breed recognizable dogs.


I hope You will feel welcome reading our pages.

Mobile view may throw pictures and text different.

I am a member in Finnish kennelclub, SUKOKA, Pieniamerikanpaimenkoirat ry, SSKY

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