Heiki tees Photography


Hips: C/C

Elbows: 0/0

Knees: 0/0

Eyes: OK

Pompe clear, prcd-PRA carrier, DM clear


Inna is a very social happy bitch. She is co-operating and interested in what people do.

Inna have caracteric and is quite though. She has strong will but is at the same time quite soft and loves hugs and kisses, likewise all outdoor life in the forest. She follows every move the family makes and wanna be part of every activity too, nothing goes by without her noticing.  Energy she have and we call her small but pepper, our little duracell. She is missing two teeth and has been healthy despite one kennelcough 2018 and one wormbite summer 2018. She can be challenging meeting other dogs on the walks, but You need to be two steps before her ALL the time. Wouldn't recommend her for first dog owners.

She gave birth to the Dark-litter and is now owned by Lauri Heinimaa and Yvonne King, all the best to You <3.

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