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Myy is in my ownership but lives with Heidi Päivärinta in Askola. More info look my dogs page.

Born weight: 396g

1 week: 671g

2 week: 953g

3 week: 1,27kg

4 week: 1,717kg

5 week: 2,15kg

6 week: 2,8kg

7 week: 3,5kg

Miina was the puppy that wanted to be alone sometimes, independent. She is happy and outgoing. I think she is as wise as her mother. She does very remind me of Luna as puppy. She has a very small hernia.

She lives with the Bertling family in Helsinki.

Born weight: 370g

1 week: 622g

2 week: 900g

3 week: 1,274kg

4 week: 1,715kg

5 week: 2,15kg

6 week: 3kg

7 week: 3,7kg

Roosa is a little bit considering and shy, she loves people though.

She lives with Kaisa Uusi-Eskola in Vantaa.

Born weight: 355g

1 week: 642g

2 week: 900g

3 week: 1,22kg

4 week: 1,62kg

5 week: 1,97kg

6 week: 2,6kg

7 week: 2,9kg

Neida is a social, stabil femalepuppy. She loves people. She is breeding-closed because of a big hernia that needed surgery as puppy.

She has a very good family with the Kesäniemis in Espoo.

Born weight: 374g

1 week: 623g

2 week: 891g

3 week: 1,23kg

4 week: 1,68kg

5 week: 2,05kg

6 week: 2,7kg

7 week: 3,3kg

Tiera is a social, alfa-male. He always was the first to come greet from the litter and loved cuddling and people. He has a very small hernia.

He lives with Kari Virtanen in Helsinki.

Born weight: 416g

1 week: 743g

2 week: 1,06kg

3 week: 1,439kg

4 week: 1,96kg

5 week: 2,43kg

6 week: 3,3kg

7 week: 4,2kg

Kosmo is a steady, a little bit own-minded, happy puppy. Kosmo have a little hernia that doesn't need surgery. The first puppy to born, such a beautiful thing.

He has a small hernia.

Born weigth: 368g

1 week: 648g

2 week: 980g

3 week: 1,361kg

4 week: 1,925kg

5 week: 2,465kg

6 week: 3,3kg

7 week: 4,2kg

He lives with Kalske family in Länsi-Vantaa.

Pyry have been in surgery when he was 8 weeks old. He had a very large hernia that reached to the right thorax too. 

Pyry is a very social, energetic puppy. He has been the first to do everything from the litter. He walked first, he opened eye first and so one. He was the smallest puppy of the litter. He also have a hook on his tail. So that's another reason I have breedingclosed him.

Bornweight: 335g

1 week: 617g

2 week: 872g

3 week: 1,19kg

4 week: 1,662kg

5 week: 2,063kg

6 week: 2,7 kg

7 week: 3,6kg

8 week: 3.7kg (before surgery)

owner: Arja and Ilkka Muhonen, Helsinki

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